Contractor's Insurance

Contractor's Insurance is a mixture of insurance coverage that all tie together to fit the unique circumstances of a contractor


contractors insurance, Carroll, IA We know you take pride in your work and the insurance experts at Greteman & Associates want to help you be successful. We protect all kinds of contractors: HVAC, interior decorators, electricians, plumbers, lawn care, and janitorial. No two contractors may need the same type of insurance coverage. The experts at Greteman & Associates can put together a policy that fits your unique situation. 

Being a contractor is a complex job: you have to organize and be responsible for anything that may occur on a work project. You need to make sure the following items are included in your Contractor Insurance coverage:

If even one of these items is overlooked, you will have a large hole in the protection of you, your company and your job. Greteman and Associates will make sure that your coverage is complete and that you are securely protected.

Your Coverage is Customizable

You can also customize your coverage with items such as Loss of Income, Ordinance or Law, Data Compromise and Identity Restoration are just some of the coverages to look at. No matter your individual situation, Greteman & Associates is here to make sure your coverage fits your needs. 

The main categories include general liability, commercial auto, inland marine (equipment), property and workers compensation. We can also tie these together with the capabilities of builders risk for your projects and bid bonds and performance bonds for any jobs that may require this. 

We have many contractors currently insured and would like to partner with you to suit your contractor insurance needs.  Please contact us for a quote or to set up an appointment. Our insurance experts are ready to help you navigate the insurance industry and put together a policy package that will protect you, your business and your employees. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you.