Renters Insurance

If something happened to the home you are living in could you afford to replace everything you own?


Renters Insurance Carroll, IADo I need insurance if I just rent?

Yes, if something happened to the house or apartment that you are living in, would you be able to afford to replace everything you own? Renters insurance also protects you in the case of a lawsuit being filed against you. Most people benefit from having renters insurance.

Renters insurance policies offer coverage similar to what homeowners insurance has to offer. Most renter insurance policies cover an extensive range of expenses.

Am I covered under my landlord's policy?

No, the landlord's insurance policy only will cover damage to the building and property. It will not cover any of your personal items. In some cases, if you are the one that is responsible for damage to the property or building, you may be held responsible.

How is renters insurance pricing calculated?

Renters insurance is inexpensive since you don't need to insure the entire building. The risk factors of your particular living space are considered when determining your renters insurance premium. The insurance agent will help you get the type of coverage that fits your needs the best.

I live in an apartment with multiple roommates, do we each need a policy?

Ask your agent. Usually, it is best if all roommates are on the same policy, but in some instances, their own coverage may be needed.

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